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5 Tips to Ensure Your Window Coverings
Aren’t a Safety Hazard

During the autumn months, we love to open up our windows and let in the breeze. We even get new window coverings to match a newly renovated home, just in time for the holidays. What most people do not keep in mind when making this purchase is that window coverings can actually be a safety hazard if not considered in advance.

With over 1 billion residential windows in the US, and a majority with window coverings, we learned that the average age of a window covering is above 7 years old. The traditional seven+ year old blinds use cords to let in the precious sunlight, and gets caught on all sorts of items and could even strangle a young child.

If possible, the best course of action would be to research and purchase new window coverings where the technology is up to speed with the facts, and matches your family’s lifestyle. Obviously, it’s not always possible to purchase new window coverings after seeing these potential hazards. Here are a few tips to avoid cords and children mixing:

  1. Move all furniture away from the windows and window cords so that the access is much more difficult for a small child. Preferably, the furniture should be against a different wall.
  2. Make sure the cords are as short as possible and that continuous-loop cords for draperies and blinds are anchored to the wall or floor. In the same way electronic cords and wires are hidden or held for safety, there are many tools available at a bargain to ensure the window cord stays in place.
  3. Double check that all window coverings have been properly installed – it is very possible for the entire window covering to unhinge and fall onto an unsuspecting individual from simply tugging on the cord.
Although it seems obvious now, over 15% of the American population is unaware of these potential dangers. Share this post to save lives!

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